Appointment of a new Justice

Over and over, I hear the question as to why the republicans should immediately appoint a new justice.

The answer is simple. The democrats would do it in a heartbeat and without any apologies. Wasn’t it Obama that said, “Elections have consequences?”

And by the way, wasn’t it Obama that tried to replace a justice right before he left office? And by the way, this was while the Senate had a republican majority. Obama had the right to try to appoint a justice and the Senate had the right to say no. It is sort of the way things work… it is sort of the way it says to do it in the constitution.

Now we have a legally elected republican president and a legally elected Senate. Appointing and confirming a new justice is not only legal, it is right. Maybe next time we have democrat president, he…or she will not be so flippant.

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