New Rule for the American English Language, Maybe

No one told me about it, but it seems that their is a new rule for English, though I don’t know if it applies outside the U.S.  It seems that all explanations, especially replies to a question must be started with the word “So.”

For instance:

Question, “Is it true that…?”

Answer, “So, it would seem that….”

I don’t know who came up with the rule, but I figure it must exist.  After all, why else is that all answers these days start with, “So.”  Moreover, all these people are very learned people; senators, representatives, and, of course, all these medical experts.

I don’t think I will follow this rule.  While listening, I do find it irritating.  By the way, I am not easily irritated by such mannerisms.  I suppose it is a smart man’s way to avoid words such as “Uh.”  I don’t know.  Just a guess.

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