Square Corners

I was walking along at work one day, many years ago.  I noticed some men putting in some office space and I decided to speak to the man in charge.  I asked, “I guess the steel studs cut down on termite problems.”

He said, “They do, but they are required by code when building inside.”

I asked, “I guess the steel is more expensive.”

He said, “They are, but I save enough in time to more than makeup for it.  They don’t have to be sawed or nailed.  All we need is some tin snips and screws.  It is about twice as fast as working with wood but the biggest advantage is that all the corners are truly square.”

Now that surprised me, though it shouldn’t have.  It only made sense.  You see, when you work with wood, it is next to impossible to find a straight two-by-four.  The steel is straight and as such the walls are straight and the corners are perfect.

At any rate, I decided right then and there that if I had anything built, I would use steel studs.  Considering that I haven’t had the money to build anything, it hasn’t come in handy yet.  Still, it looks to me that there is no downside to using the steel studs.  Well, I guess that the cost of materials is a little higher, but as the man said, it doesn’t take as long and you end up with a better result.

To be sure, the steel studs won’t completely stop termites, but at least the studs would be immune to the little pests.  That would certainly mean a lot.  It would also have another benefit.  You wouldn’t need to kill all the trees.  It does make me wonder why we don’t do all our building with the steel studs.  Then again, maybe those selling wood studs wouldn’t like it.

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