A Little Courage

?I received two messages on my phone encouraging me to vote for Mike Espy (Senate runoff in Mississippi).  After the second time, I replied that I don’t vote for Democrats.  I received a reply that he would work with President Trump, which is a lie I am sure.  I know how dumocrats work.

Regardless, the guy apparently has no courage.  He is not even willing to stand for his beliefs.  I would be more likely to vote for him if he were honest.  Then again, what can you expect from a dumocrat?  They know that they would hardly ever win an election if they were honest.

At any rate, I told the person to stop being a pest.  I would have continued the conversation, but anyone with a brain knows that the cause would be useless.  It would be like arguing with a fence post.  Maybe worse.  A fence post won’t change its opinion based on who’s talking to it.

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