One Big Reason for the Wall

Invariably, many say the wall is too expensive and it wouldn’t serve any purpose.  I submit one that is undeniable.  It would save both money and lives by drastically cutting down on the smuggling of drugs.  The vast majority of drugs come across the southern border.  Some of the drugs kill people.  As for the money, it is incalculable.  Just how much is each person’s life worth.  How many dollars would you assign to someone in law enforcement.

As far as I’m concerned, if the wall cost 60 billion, it would be a bargain.

The truth is that the cost is not the reason for protesting the wall.  The fact is that the protest is because the wall would be effective.  Besides, even if it cost nothing, there are people who would fight against its construction.  If you can’t figure out who, just look at those who protest it now.  Every person that protests the wall has a reason for keeping the border open.

Some see the illegals as votes.  Some see them as cheap labor.  Some are just globalists; they think we ought to have one big government.  (Sounds neat, unless that government is like Venezuela’s.  Then, where do you go to escape tyranny, the moon or Mars?)

Moreover, it is inhumane to protest the wall.  It results in death by overdose and it take destroys the lives of millions.  By the way, might I mention that some of those coming up from Central America will die on the way.  By the way, might I mention that some of them are criminals, thieves, rapist and murderers.

It is said that it won’t work.  If it won’t, why the uproar to keep it from being built.  My guess is that every place they build a wall, the crossings at that point will be greatly reduced.

Then again, maybe you want your kids to have easy access to drugs.

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