Reasons for a Border Wall

  1.  The consensus is that we are currently spending 40 billion dollars on illegal aliens.  It makes spending 26 billion on a wall a bargain.  After a few years, we just might be able to start paying down the national debt, that is, if we can just keep the dems from spending all the savings.
  2. It would save lives.  There is no telling how many people die trying to get into this country.  With the knowledge that the wall is waiting for them, they will stay home.
  3. It would drastically cut down on drug smuggling.  Again, this would mean saving lives.  It would mean the end to the gangs that smuggle drugs and it would save the lives of those who overdose.  Invariably, they would continue to smuggle the drugs by other methods, but there is no way that they would go through the wall.  I continually hear people say that the wall won’t stop them.  That is true, but the wall would be a big deterrent.  You cannot drive a pickup through a wall.
  4.  A wall keep stops the “easy crossings.”  There are thousands of illegals who have crossed the border simply because there was nothing in the way of it.  It was a simple matter of stepping over a small barbed wire fence.
  5. It would help to keep gang members from crossing the border.  This country already have enough gang members.  We have no need to import them.
  6. Many of those that are crossing the border now are abused.  This includes rape, sweatshops, and, of course, women being forced into prostitution.  Those standing in the way of building the wall are aiding and abetting those who are part of this abuse.  They are virtually aiding and abetting in crime.  We need to build the wall for this reason, even if there were no other reason.
  7. I find it odd that the same people who want a high minimum wage don’t want the wall.  Most of those who cross the border make far less than minimum wage and under horrid conditions.
  8. Those who cross the border are difficult to return.  If they can’t cross, there would be not need to return.  Indeed, most would cease to even try

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