Joe Should Try Something New

So far , Joe has yet to own up to one of his many blunders. Something bad happens and Joe sticks his head up and looks around to see where he can affix the blame.

Maybe, perhaps, for a change he could try admitting his mistake.

Then again, this might be risky. People will wonder. Perhaps he’s an imposter. Maybe, someone is figuratively holding a gun on him. (It wouldn’t be a cannon. As he said, they are illegal. )

Incidentally , Joe can’t be a good leader. Good leaders own their mistakes. They don’t blame others. Now, it would seem others blame him. This is obvious from the more recent polls. It would seem he will leave a reputation of being an alibi Ike.

Best/Worst Choice

I used to doubt Joe’s intel. I used to doubt his ability to figure out the right choice. I would suspect that before he makes a choice, he spends hours, maybe days figuring things. Then when he knows which thing is right, he turns and does the exact opposite.

It might seem a farfetched idea but think of it. Givin a true false test, the law of averages say we can get half or near half of them right by guessing. So, the only way he can get it wrong 100% of the time is if he knows all the right choices. …and then Joe blames everyone but the man in the moon. He might still do that.

Worthless Laws

A number of years ago, we, as a nation made it illegal to make or drink alcoholic beverages. That did not work out so well. The fact of the matter is, it caused far more problems than it fixed. Moreover, the only ones that stopped drinking were those who obeyed the law. The rest, those who had little or no regard for the law kept drinking.

To make matters worse, the criminal element started making money from the law. Some made the alcohol. Some smuggled it, in some cases in rowboats. Guess what, those guys with the little boats ended up making a fortune. It seemed they could still make the stuff in Canada, but only for export. In other words, the Canadians were making a bundle of money off the law, and I am sure it was not by accident.

It was a well-meaning law. If they had managed to dry up the country, it likely would have done a lot of good. However, good or bad, the law was worthless.

And now Joe wants to pass another useless law. He wants to outlaw ghost guns. Certainly, it is well-meaning, just as prohibition. However, it is just as useless; maybe less. Nowadays, we have the internet. Anyone who knows how to surf the web and has a few machinic skills can quickly start making guns in his basement, just as those who made gin in bathtubs.

Moreover, there is nothing stopping people from making them in Canada, Mexico or South America and smuggling them, maybe in rowboats or sailboats. I don’t think I am suggesting anything new. Indeed, there are likely those waiting for the opportunity. Then they can make their money off the ghost gun law just as effectively as the mobs made their money off the booze.

I do have two real suggestions that just might work better than the useless laws. First, and most important, enforce the laws they currently have. May I remind one and all, this means those who murder with or without guns. You might note, some have used hammers or baseball bats.

Secondly, don’t make it so hard to buy and use guns in self-defense.

It is not a perfect solution. Nothing ever is. However, making guns illegal is going to only ensure that us regular citizens will have no defense when those who do have guns show up in our Living rooms uninvited.

Incidentally, do we really want to spend all our tax dollars trying to enforce a worthless law?

Just Change the Channel

Whenever people complained about TV adult programming, the argument they constantly heard was, “Just change the channel.” Or of course there was, “Your TV does have and off switch, right?”

I never did buy into any of it. I have my reasons, which I made known in the past and will make known in the future. However, my ire is aimed in a different direction today.

When the schools start teaching adult subjects to the third and fourth graders; when the subject for the day for first graders are private body parts, just how is it that we switch the channels? Just how is it that we turn it off?

Worse yet, frequently the schools hide such things from us? Just what do we do when Gov.ED decides we don’t know how to raise our kids and take them from us?

It is yet another attack on the American families. It is yet another attack on the American way of life. It is yet another attempt by the socialists to take over. To be sure, God will deal with these genuine creeps. However, look at the damage they will do in the meantime.

The Irony of it All

The dems are cheering the new justice. They are celebrating they managed to slip her in. Maybe they are really proud of themselves. The truth is they had no gains. The court has the same makeup as before. However. as for me I feel a little uneasy that we now have a woman on the most powerful court of the land that does not know what a woman is, this though she has two children. Can someone tell me how this can happen?

Does this now mean we are going to have to add an amendment to define men and women. It is cinch that or forefathers knew the definitions. I am sure that had they realized that the question might come up, the definition would have been part of the constitution.

As with most of the people in this world, most feel a need for a definition as ridiculous. It would seem that only the dems in this country are really dumb enough that it has to be spelled out for them.

Biden’s One Very Smart Decision

Right out of the gate, Joe made one very bad decision after the next. Among the many other things, he opened the border and closed shut down the oil industry. However, maybe his smartest decision was made before he took office.

At the time I thought it was dumb, but the more I think it over, it was wise. By selecting Kamala Harris as his running mate, he insured that they would make him immune to the 25th amendment. No one in their right mind would want Kamala in the oval office. Can you imagine listing to her cackle most every day.

So, at least for the first two years, he’s safe. On the other hand, with a republican speaker, it is plausible to talk them both into resigning. Then, we would have a republican congress and president.

It is not impossible. The dems came very close when they attacked Agnew and then Nixon. Before the middle of his second term, we had a man in the oval office that was not elected. They might not have put a dem in office, but it was the next thing to it. Being as he was not elected, he had little or no mandate.

If the dems can do it, why can’t the republicans?

Is the Self-Defense Really Settled?

I’m not even sure how log ago it was when a young man successfully defended himself. We know it was self-defense because it was settled in court. …or was it?

In the first place, it will never be the same for Rittenhouse? It has changed his life forever. Those who he encounters will always look at him differently.

To be sure, people will always look at self-defense differently. Rittenhouse acted legally. It was clear from the start the prosecuting attorneys tried to make an example of the man, instead of trying to make examples of those who were rioting that night.

I had considered getting a gun to protect my home after an armed break in. I looked through the internet and found some enlightening things. Maybe Rittenhouse would have done things differently had he done the same, not that I am suggesting he did anything wrong.

It just is that we live in a world that is often times upside down. If you shoot an armed intruder, you just might be charged regardless of how right you are. It depends very much on the prosecutor, as in Rittenhouse’s case. If you look through the internet a while, you will see what I mean.

I found one remark especially thoughtful. Loosely he wrote, Shoot a man charging at you twice in the chest, you will likely be OK. If he keeps coming at you and you shoot him again… this time between the eyes… it is no longer self-defense but execution, which, by the way is not legal.

It tells me you might be better off using a shotgun. I don’t much like the idea, but the prosecutors just might be pushing us into it. Most often, if you shoot someone in the middle of the chest with a 12 gauge, he’s going to stop in his tracks regardless of what kind of drugs are in his circulatory system. It does have another advantage. Most people in their right mind, when they see the shot gun, will decide there was somewhere else they needed to be.

Nonetheless, I write this to warn you all. It might be legal to shoot that gun in self-defense. However, in many cases you will need to go to court to prove it was self-defense. It is a good idea to remember that many prosecutors are FOCs (Friends of the Criminals)

Just a word to wise. I am sure, at this point, Rittenhouse would concur with this advice.

California Ads?

I used to live in California. I grew up not far from Disneyland. In fact, I was there before there was a Disneyland.

One thing I noticed was that those who visited the Golden state had a tendency to want to stay. I wasn’t the only only one who noticed it. Many others made similar remarks.

There wasn’t a need to advertise the place. It had unlimited natural magnets. The weather and beaches were enough, but there were so many others.

Guess things have changed. People are leaving the place. I guess some are just leaving. Others must first sell their homes, possibly taking a loss.

Now, would you believe, California is running ads, frequently. I keep seeing them. Someone needs to tell them that there is a far better way.

  1. Get all the libs out of the governments, state and local.
  2. Reduce the taxes.
  3. Reduce regulations.
  4. Fix the schools and colleges.

afterwards , those wonderful natural magnets would do all the rest. It would be better for California, the residents and the country. As for those running the state now, it would be better that they find another line of work…better for everyone.

Moreover, the ads by themselves don’t stand a chance of working. All the U-Hauls will be outbound.

The folks in Texas and Florida already figured it out. Just maybe are smarter than the air heads on the west coast.

A Short Word About the Oscars

  1. I don’t blame Will Smith for hitting the guy. If I were in a similar situation, I’d do the same.
  2. The media made entirely too much of it. It would seem anyone who watches a few hours of news a day have seen the replay ten to fifteen times. That is about 8 or 9 times too many.
  3. The academy should take the hint. It has been decades since anyone has talked this much about the Oscar Awards. Maybe they should have 2 or 3 cage fights during the next awards featuring actors. At least one of the fights should be between women. It doesn’t much matter if they are real or not; it would do wonders for the ratings. It just shows to go, most everyone likes to see a good show or fight. It doesn’t really make much difference.
  4. They could sell DVRs of it showing various angles. It might have more success than their movies.
  5. Afterwards, everyone can go home and eat pizza as they all talk about it. That would be the best part.

AOC Was Right

As hard as it might be to believe, she was right. It does give credence to the adage that the old broke clock is precisely correct twice a day.

She said most don’t know what capitalism is. Most don’t know what socialism is.

The fact is most Americans would not know the difference if their lives depended on it. It’s a shame because their freedom and their lives do depend on it.

Now I have a question for the congresswoman. If she knows the difference, why does she prefer the worse. It is not that difficult to known which is better.

Just maybe it is that she does know. Just maybe she wants to be part of the elite, formally known as the royalty.

My suggestion is that we all learn the benefits of capitalism before losing our freedom.

Remember, loss of liberty is one generation away. People such as AOC have the desire to take it from us. …and, by the way, she has many comrades. Comrades is cohorts for the commies.

As an aside, AOC ought not brag. The reason most people can’t tell the difference is because the education system failed to teach them. Just another good reason for school choice. Do we really want to send out children to schools that fail or refuse to teach?

Using school choise is an effective form of capitalism. The good schools thrive. Those that can’t or won’t teach fail. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Then again, it just might be AOCs desire to keep our children ignorant.