Perhaps The Worst Addition

It’s a fact. Eating can become addictive. I don’t know if the doctors and experts agree. I don’t care. Indeed, after 72 years of eating, experience has has qualified me as an expert.

The fact is that I cannot give it up, certainly no longer than a day. After just a short time, I can’t help it. I get this unexplainable urge to eat. Worse, right after stuffing myself with BBQ pork, I get this urge to re-enter the eating establishment and start all over again after the beautiful scent from the smoke lingering in the parking lot enters my nose. Not fair!

At one time, I was pushing 300 pounds. It was totally due to my desire to overfeed myself. Many berate diet beverages but I am so thankful for them. Without them I would likely weigh 350. Then again, I just might be pushing up daisies.

Yesterday, I ate a butterscotch sundae. First I had in years. When I was a teen, I ate such things almost daily. I guess, at that time, I built up my habit. I ate what I wanted and was 140 when I entered the Marines. It was perhaps one of the greatest things of being young. I could eat my fill of most anything and burn it all off by the time next mealtime, or snack time.

I admit it. I have a food addiction. The big problem about that is I can’t kick the habit, cold turkey. Oh! Speaking of cold turkey. I think it’s time to visit a Subway restaurant. They make a good turkey sandwich. Then, again, I might make it tuna. So many decisions. Well, I’ll try to hold it to the 6 inch size. The problem with that is I’ll still be hungry, a desire to eat.

Such is the way with the battle with food addiction.

As an aside, I think the US is about the only country where it is practical to sell diet food. Don’t know for sure. Maybe someone can help this expert with the facts. Is the US the only country that has a major problem with food addiction?

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