Why Not a Obvious Sign

I went to McDonald’s the other day and walked into the dining room. Soon I was told they were only taking to-go orders.

What’s wrong with an obvious sign..? one that could be seen from the parking lot. Better, one that could be seen from road. As it was, an old akle injury as well as a case of sciatica were making it difficult for this old man to walk.

I understand. Sometimes it gets difficult to get a crew together. Everyone’s offering outlandish wages I would have loved just a few years back. Then too, sometimes people fail to show up.

Still, what if I had to use crutches? What if I were bound to a wheelchair? That would be a lot of bother to get the wheelchair from the trunk just to pack it up again.

It would seem they aren’t the only ones apposed to alerting customers to problems. A few weeks ago, I wrote about finding out about a cash-only Walmart register after putting all my groceries on the conveyor belt. I simply didn’t have 250 in cash. I don’t think too many do. Maybe that’s why the register was open.

Well, Walmart did it again. This time, the scale was out of order. Isn’t it strange that the registers with problems are open. This time their little sign was on the out-of-order scale, a good place if I were looking for it.

However, it was what happened next that really angered me. I tried a suggestion, for their benefit to the evening manager. I would have had more success with a fence post. At least the post would not have yelled back interrupting me. And then, one of the associates thought it funny and began laughing.

I threw up my hands and left, groceries still on the conveyor belt and associates laughing. Don’t think I need to do any more shopping there, leastways, not until they have an attitude change.

I suspect that won’t happen really soon.

Meanwhile, I keep wondering, just what is the aversion to a well-placed sign?

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