Final Verdict?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a country in which a person pronounced not guilty would be treated as not guilty?

I guess, occasionally people who are guilty get off. It is the price we, as a society pay to try to keep the innocent out of prison. Occasionally, still some innocent person gets a raw deal. To be sure, no justice system ran by humans is or will be perfect

However, as a society, we generally should treat those judged not guilty as not guilty.

In Rittenhouse`s case, the media treated him as guilty before his trial, during his trial and after his trial. They do this even though they have seen clear evidence. The evidence not only proves him not guilty but innocent. He clearly only used his weapon in defense. Before he fired it once, he ran away from, not toward his attackers.

When listening to his accusers, it would seem he was guilty just because he had a rifle, this though he, himself was at the point of a gun.

Maybe he should have brought a skateboard instead. According to the prosecutor, that presented no danger to Rittenhouse. How absurd? One was used on him and he had the wounds to prove it. Only after it was used on him did he retaliate.

The point is this. Maybe it would have been better to use something less lethal. However, at the time he didn’t have a baseball bat. He didn’t even have a skateboard. It was obvious he had to use the only thing he had.

If no one attacked him, no one would have died. If Rittenhouse had not defended himself, he very well might have died. At the least, he would have sustained bad injuries.

To me, that established self defense. That established his innocence. It’s something the media just love to overlook. They are trying to reverse the legal verdict with the verdict of public opinion. This is bad for all, especially the media.

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