A short time ago I learned something about cataracts. I guess it was almost two months ago when we learned my wife had cataracts in both eyes.

I was well aware as to what cataracts are. I just had no idea of the advancements they made in the their treatment. After a few days of preparation, she went into the OR with 20-2000 vision in her right eye and came out 15 minutes later. The seml opaque lens was replaced by an artificial clear one and she could see through it well. Two weeks later, the optometrist said she has 20-25 vision in that same eye. We have hopes of the same results in the left eye.

After all these years, she will no longer live in fear of losing or breaking her glasses, that is, if they do as well on left as they did on the other.

i did not know that they could do that. Neither did my wife.

So I write this for others who might find themselves in a similar place. I still get nervous about eye surgery, in this case, maybe it is worth the risk. Remember, I say this while they still need to operate on the left eye.

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