Some Folks Just Can’t Stand Reality

At the time I am writing this, the people of Virginia just chose a republican governor and the New Jersey people are on the verge of doing the same. That has to be a real jolt of reality for those FOC types. In fact, some of them got hit so hard that they are telling themselves real whoppers. (That mean a big lie for those unaware.)

They are telling themselves that the reason they lost Virginia was because there were a bunch of parents claiming that they were teaching CRT. Some say they are not doing any such thing. Some say they are saying that just to win the election.

Right now, the truth is that they have just found out what happens when a little bit of the truth gets out. Regardless of anything else, I heard McAuliffe with my own ears tell one and all that the parents have no business telling the schools what to teach; this while permitting the teacher’s unions to dictate what will be taught and how it is taught. Considering that the unions like teaching CRT (or the same thing by another name), I think the FOCs have only seen the first volley of this battle if they don’t get smart.

Then again, who really expects the FOCs to suddenly get smart. That is just not going to happen. As I said, they just can’t stand reality.

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