Gun Safety

This is something of a repeat post but I feel it is warranted because of recent events. These three rules should be taught to anyone who might be handling any gun for any reason. It would not hurt to teach them to everyone else, regardless of any beliefs or intentions on guns.

  1. Until proven otherwise, assume that all guns are loaded.
  2. When you have determined that a gun is not loaded, assume it is loaded.
  3. Never, ever point a gun in the direction of someone or something you do not intend to shoot.

If everyone would follow these three rules, gun accidents would greatly be reduced. When people do not follow these rules, people die and those who cause their deaths will live with it the rest of their lives. I might add, gun accidents are very rarely reversible. They cannot be altered with an eraser or a backspace key, so be sure of your target before you point a gun at anyone and pull the trigger.

Some might accuse me of taking advantage of a tragic situation. Think what you want. If I can save one life, it is worth anything you might think of me.

In the recent event where a woman’s life was taken during the filming of a movie, they disobeyed rule one and three. If I were handed a gun that was supposedly loaded with blanks, I would have immediately checked it; certainly before pulling the trigger. Then, even then, I would not have pointed it at anyone. One side note, blanks can injure or even kill people.

I still do not know all of what went happened on that set. We may never know all the motives. I am not accusing anyone. This much, I do know. It was completely avoidable.

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