Ben’s Dream World

From time to time I have permitted myself to dream of selling a lot of books, maybe to the point I would have five million dollars in the bank. I am not greedy. Others have done far better. Unfortunately or me, my books do not sell that well. Some of my books I can’t give away.

Nonetheless, I do have two more in the works. Maybe one of them will become a best seller. On the other hand, maybe some movie producer will see how great “His Protector” would look on the big screen.

I figure if I could make 5 million, I’d have all the money I’d ever need. Then again, you and I know that is not going to happen, leastwise not until I get a good editor. Then too, a screenwriter would rewrite the book anyway.

Regardless, the little visit into my world of dreams caused me to think about another dreamworld. What if the federal government decided to fix all the poverty in our country. In one day, The Treasury Department cut a check to everyone over 18 years of age for 5 million dollars.

Now that would be a dream world. In one day, poverty would cease. Everyone would have all the money they needed and they’d never have to lift another finger. In straight simple math, we could all spend 50 thousand a year for 100 years. We would all be set for life. Right!

However, let us not overlook the obvious. That would mean everyone else would have all the money they need and they would not have to work. That poor old lady that works at that convenience store would walk off the job immediately, if not sooner. Hopefully, she would take the time to switch the gas pumps off and lock the doors.

Forget about going to the bowling alley. The place would be shut down. Why should the owner work his tail off when he already has all the money he needs.

Indeed, it is nightmare rather than a dream world. Those running the power stations would just shut things down and walk away. In an hour or two, the whole country would be plunged into the rock ages. We might have cars, but not gas. We might have homes, but nothing to heat them with. Indeed, we might even have problems finding candles.

We might have water for a while. I’m not sure about that. However, forget food. It has to be shipped in on trucks. Conceivably, it just might be the doomsday that the preppers have prepared for. However, I don’t even know how well they would be prepared for such a nightmare.

Most likely, some method of bartering would break out. I don’t know. It is sort of the way the people survive in so called communist countries. Then again, they might just declare martial law and control everything by the military.

Wait a minute. That won’t work. All those in the military would walk off the job too, with their millions.

Ironically, the ones it would hurt the most would be the billionaires. They might have their limos, but they’d not have any gas, or anyone to drive them. They might have their planes, but they’d not have any pilots. They might have their yachts but they’d have no one to crew them. They would have to do for themselves and they just might not know how.

Capitalism might be a horrible monetary system, but it does work. Communism, though it is a dreamworld, does not work nor has it ever. People will not work unless they have a reason to. Capitalism provides the motive while communism will not work without the whip.

To be sure, communism does look attractive. Then again, my dreamworld looks even better at first glance.

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