Problems with Cyber Attacks

I do not understand how after all these years, we still have to put up with cyber attacks. Okay. My home computer has been hit a few times, but it’s no big thing. I reload my operating system and off I go. There is no major suffering, all though, with the size of the latest version of Windows, it can take a while to restore a system. (In the old days, it was about 10 minutes. I used to do it once a month just to insure the system integrity. To be sure, the hackers do benefit from large operating systems.)

As I see it, the blame lies in three places. First Microsoft makes it entirely too susceptible. Perhaps a high security version should be available for critical industries and military. No communication would be permitted to or from these systems unless they have the higher security.

Secondly, individuals expose things to the net that simply don’t need to be there. I am still wondering how it is that the pipeline was remotely shut down. Really, do we have to put such control out there so that anyone who can figure out how just shuts it all down.

There is for sure, no hard fast rule that everything needs to be put out there where anyone can get to it. Believe it or not, there are still computers that are not connected to the internet at all. We don’t have to put it all out there where we are completely exposed.

Third, establish secure paths. Before anything comes into a computer, verify that it is coming from a recognized source. I’m not totally sure how this can be done but I am sure it can be. Any computer trying to get into my computer that is not authorized should be suspect and if it continues, the computer should be investigated, shut down or both.

Regardless, in the current conditions or as above, I would always have a pseudo system, a fake system for people to hack. I would let them think they broke into my system and let them do whatever they want. After they wasted a few hours, maybe days looking around, they would likely decide to go somewhere else.

To extend such an idea, maybe we should set out mouse traps. The mouse traps would be computers that would be varying degrees of ease of hacking. The instant someone tries to break in, the source would be flagged and someone could be dispatched to deal with the culprits.

Better yet, maybe a virus could be loaded into the culprit’s computer and cause it to shut down. Let the hackers feel what it is like to be hacked.

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