Infomercials on Fox Business

I get it.  TV needs advertising.  It does get a little annoying when they show ads posing as news.  For a constant hour straight, during what was passed off as news, FBN talked about nothing but the new I-Phone and how wonderful it is.  According to them, we all need to go out and buy one immediately, if not sooner.

Sorry, I’m not going to spend a thousand dollars for something when I already have a cell phone that works just fine.  It has a camera, a calculator and even helps me find my way around town.  I even use it as a hot spot from time to time.  (It works better than my regular Internet connection in my home.)

I don’t need a $1000 phone.  I don’t want it, even if it were given to me and I certainly don’t want a news program passing off an hour ad as business news.

However, it does make me wonder.  There must have been some kind of compensation for FBN.  Just how did Apple pay Fox Business Network.  My first thought was that Apple just wrote a check to the network.  On the other hand, maybe they just provided phones for each of the those working for the network.

Of course, I could be wrong.  It is just a conclusion.  …but if I am wrong, just why did the network give a Apple a free one hour long commercial?