Chevrolets, HHR’s, and Sunroofs that have pop-up cloth farings

When my sunroof broke on my HHR, I tried to get it repaired.  It would seem Chevrolet doesn’t do things that way.  Instead of replacing a piece of metal that would cost a nickel, they wanted me to by a new sunroof for over three-hundred dollars.

I didn’t like their idea, so I decided to go to the Web.  When I started, I could see five possible solutions.  To keep things short, I decided to remove the broken part, the piece of cloth that popped up when the door opened along with the metal that supported it.  Then I had a $50 faring installed in front of the window.

Now it is better than before.  It’s quieter and operates better.  Also, if Disney will forgive me, it’s less Mickey Mouse looking.  The faring is needed for two reasons, noise and wind at speed.  The noise is similar to the one you get by lowering the rear windows while the front ones remain closed.

While I was at it, I added side window farings.  The total costs for me, approximately $150.  Biggest advantage, I fixed the problem without paying twice for the substandard sunroof.

A couple of side notes: I noticed that the same sunroof is used by many different cars.  So if you own other models of GM vehicles, you might come upon the same problem.  Also, you might want to keep this in mind when you buy your car.  You might want to think twice about having a sun roof if it has a popup cloth faring.

One thought on “Chevrolets, HHR’s, and Sunroofs that have pop-up cloth farings

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